Loloma Coconut Oil
Loloma Coconut Oil
Loloma Fiji

Loloma Coconut Oil

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Loloma is a Fijian born company created by a mothers plight to soothe her children of uncomfortable eczema.
Daunted by the amount of chemicals in different pharmaceutical creams, she looked towards nature or answers.

Coconut oil is an ideal moisturizer and can be applied to cradle cap. Massage on to baby’s scalp and leave for 20 minutes. As a moisturizer it loosens the cradle cap flakes while oils nourish the scalp. Leave 20 mins, rinse and use a soft brush to gently comb the hair.


Loloma coconut oil nourishes the skin and can be applied externally to dry skin areas. As a natural balm it is free of chemicals like store bought nappy rash cremes.

Apply Loloma oil to the affected area and the thick oil acts as a barrier on the skin. Its free of any added perfumes and is natural, like nature intended.


Coconut oil is a simple indulging daily treat for Mums as well as bubs! Massage daily on stretch marks and dry skin or scars.

Apply Loloma to your scalp and hair to nourish and moisturize. We recommend using the nourishing oil and applying to nail cuticles after all that hand-washing that goes with parenting.

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